beetroot salad

We all like salad, right? This healthy dish that consists of mostly vegetables or sometimes fruits is a great summer food that leaves you and your body feeling fresh and energized.

So we've tossed in our fresh farm lettuces, tomatoes and other fresh ingredients to create a delicious, healthy and cool salad.

Come and have a taste of our Salad menu!
Salad Red Cabbage Slaw

The red cabbage slaw salad makes for a colorful alternative to everyday coleslaw, and the flavors are amazing.
Pasta Salad With Chicken and Bacon

Bacon adds complexity to this chicken and pasta salad, along with the complementary flavors of diced tomatoes, celery, and onion.
Red Potato Salad With Sour Cream and Dill

Dill and chopped dill pickle, along with a tangy mayonnaise and sour cream dressing make this red potato salad extraordinary.
Roasted Potato Salad

This potato salad uses roasted potatoes and onions, giving it an interesting flavor.
Mediterranean Pasta Salad

This Mediterranean salad brings you a a burst of colors and uses an oil and vinegar or lemon juice based dressing for that tangy or citrusy flavor.
Potato Salad With Peas

Fresh or frozen green peas add flavor and color to this delicious potato salad.